Reach More People with Window Graphics!

Blank windows are like running a commercial on mute, and in our opinion that’s a waste of time and money.

When people walk by, you want your windows to shout and grab their attention, inviting them to walk in and see what you have to offer.

Enhance your brand or product with custom window decals and graphics to transform any empty window into attractive advertising space.

Don’t be a commercial on mute. Transform your empty windows into your “stationary sales force”.

Along with promoting your business, window decals and graphics:

  • Enhance Privacy
  • Offer a Better View
  • Grab Attention
  • Are Cost Efficient

Seeing is Believing!

Our sister studio in North Jersey installed window graphics at the Plainsboro Plaza earlier this year, and you can see the difference the window graphics make to the empty storefronts. The clear bubble-free vinyl backed with white, with a repeating blue and white diamond pattern, creates a pleasant visual aesthetic in contrast to the dull, dark windows.

Examples of SpeedPro SJ’s Window Graphics:

Frosted Vinyl Window Graphics South Jersey Rowan College at Burlington County

Frosted Glass Vinyl: 
A classy way to spruce up any window or glass door, for decorative purposes or to enhance privacy



Removable vs. Reusable: removable graphics south jersey
Depending on the type of of vinyl used, decals can be installed and removed for disposal, or used and reused (with proper care and storage).



Perforated Vinyl:window perf south jersey inside and outside view
A great way to have graphics on the outside, while still allowing visibility from the inside.





Contour Cut Decals:IMG_4083
A simple yet sophisticated way to display important information.


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Spice Up Your Holiday Graphics!

The Holidays provide a great opportunity for businesses to show their individuality.

Through the use of window vinyl, wall graphics and even vehicle wraps, businesses can show their “holiday cheer” and stand out.

Window Vinyl: Whether it be through large letters or more delicate designs, businesses choose to install window vinyl to attract people that walk by their storefront.

Wall Graphics: Wall graphics are especially popular in business lobby’s or waiting rooms. Wall graphics are a great option because they do not damage the walls, are removable, but also durable.

Vehicle Wraps: If you really want to try something unique, you can try vehicle wraps! Businesses that spend a lot of time commuting use vehicle wraps to promote their services.

At SpeedPro SJ, we can accommodate all your holiday signage needs. Click here to begin creating your Great.BIG.Graphics. >>

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Five Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas to Attract Visitors

Stand out from the crowd at South Jersey Trade Shows & Philadelphia Expos

You’ve secured your spot at THE upcoming trade show – the one everyone in your industry attends. There’s a 10×10 trade show booth with your name on it.




You know strong branding is important in your marketing strategy. It’s how you share your message and let people know what makes your business unique.Branding your trade show display goes beyond your logo and colors. Bring your brand to life by generating an atmosphere that embodies your brand.


In a world dominated by the “selfie,” a photo booth or life size cutouts at your stand can pull in some major traffic. The photo helps break the ice, which can get the ball rolling with a new client.


The layout of your booth can affect how inviting it seems. A personalized point-of-purchase display is an easy way to present information without cutting off traffic flow. Incorporate shelves with adjustable height options on the display if you have products, pamphlets, freebies or other items for people to see.


Attract more people to your booth with a convenient remedy for those common tech issues.  A charging station for various devices is simple enough to set up, and keeps visitors in your booth for long enough to learn more about your business. Cover those tables with custom table toppers that bear your company’s logo and key message. While guests charge their devices, they gain exposure to your company.


You can create an attractive trade booth display at the standard height, but going big makes your booth visible long before attendees reach your aisle. Incorporate components that stretch high above your booth to create a beacon for your business.

 At SpeedPro SJ, we can accommodate all your printing needs. Click here to begin creating your Great. BIG. Graphics. >>


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Six Popular Large Format Substrates You Should Know About

When it comes to printing large-scale graphics, sometimes half the battle is choosing the appropriate substrate. There are thousands of substrates for large format out there.
When it comes to large format printing in South Jersey, here are the most popular substrates, along with their intended applications.


1. Foam Board 
Foam is extremely lightweight, easy to handle and is suitable for cost effective indoor signage.Foam boards offer a high quality yet budget-minded solution for all your customers’ large format advertising needs.



2. Ultra Board
Ultra Board is a heavy-duty, all-plastic panel that features a plastic surface rather than a paper. Best used indoors, this material has superior durability and dent resistance.
ultra board indoor signs south jersey speedpro


3. Coroplast
This corrugated plastic material is lightweight and cost-effective. It’s waterproof, weather-resistant, well suited for indoor and outdoor use.
high school lawn signs south jersey.jpg


4. PVC
PVC is a high-grade, resilient plastic material known for its durability. It’s waterproof and weather resistant, making this substrate ideal for outdoor signage.


5. DiBond
With aluminum facers on each side of a plastic core, DiBond is an ultra-smooth, maintenance-free and long-lasting product. Suitable for a huge range of applications, DiBond lightweight but strong.
outdoor signs south jersey dibond speedpro imaging


6. Acrylic
Much lighter and more versatile than standard glass, acrylic facilitates easy hanging and mounting while adding durability. It’s ideal for outstanding quality signage, photographic images, and lightbox applications.
acrylic wall signage south jersey speedpro
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What’s Been Up at SpeedPro SJ: September Edition

Summer is winding down, the leaves are slowly starting to change colors, the days are getting shorter and the heat is giving way to cooler temperatures.

Fall is here! And even though Fall “officially” starts tomorrow things are heating up at SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey!

SpeedPro SJ is in the business to get your brand noticed and that’s exactly what we did for Philadelphia based Catering By Design. We designed, produced and installed wraps for their Dodge Promaster and box truck. Catering By Design is Philadelphia’s premier catering and event decor company, blending expertly prepared cuisine with striking conceptual design

I think most of us will agree, a referral is the highest form of professional compliment. And a Great.BIG.Thank You goes out to our friends at Chestnut Run Farms for introducing the Salem County Humane Society. We worked with the SCHS group to design and produce their 6’x3′ acrylic board for their new lobby. The Salem County Humane Society is on North Game Creek Road in Carney’s Point. SCHS have 14 dogs and 60 cats up for adoption at any time. All pets have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for tick and mosquito-born diseases, cat leukemia and AIDS and intestinal parasites. They are on flea-preventative and heartworm preventative (dogs).  Adoption fees are reasonable ($150 for dogs, $100 for cats) and pets can be viewed on!

Next up we worked with Gloucester Township Public Schools to design, print and install Glen Landing Middle School’s double sided pole banners. We produced 41 banners at 30″x60″ for the school. So the next time you are driving down Little Gloucester Rd in Blackwood, NJ take a look!

Ready to Get Noticed? Call SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey at 856-302-6459 or Click Here >>



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Graphics Solutions For South Jersey Breweries That Quench Marketing Thirst

1 Brewery

Summer is winding down, the leaves are slowly starting to change colors, the days are getting shorter and the heat is giving way to cooler temperatures. It’s autumn! For beer enthusiasts, there’s nothing more satisfying than the anticipation of that smooth, fall blend and a little pumpkin spice.

At SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey, we partner with breweries who want to be seen.

Let’s explore five specific products and services SpeedPro SJ offers to take your brewery to the next level.

  • Window Graphics: Crisp. Refreshing. Bold. We transform the ordinary windows into visual artwork that aligns with your brand. We offer both short-term and permanent impact graphics.
  • Flags & Outdoor Signage: Custom flags are sure to add flair standing tall outside your establishment. Our flags and outdoor signage are highly customizable and an effective advertising medium.
  • Wall MuralsLet your walls entertain customers with coverings and murals. Brick, concrete, wood or your average sheetrock – no matter the service, we know how to add vivid colors and colorful display graphics.
  • Table Graphics: Often overlooked, but an essential player in your marketing game plan. This is where your patrons spend the most time. Reinforce everything that is special about your brewery with mesmerizing table coverings.
  • Decals: Small in name, big in stature. We’re not talking those little, annoying stickers you used on models. No matter the size, these bold, multi-dimensional graphics are durable and a cost-effective form of advertisement.


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The Most Effective & Efficient Marketing Tool For Tradesmen: Speedpro SJ Vehicle Wraps

As a trade-based entrepreneur, there are many items you need to juggle. Hey, we here at SpeedPro SJ, the area’s most trusted vehicle wrap provider, get it.

We’re Tradesman at Our Core, Too. 

Like you, our focus is providing excellent customer service. And in our case, that involves delivering superior printing and graphics solutions for a wide variety of clients – including hard-working tradesmen dedicated to improving their craft (if that sounds like you, click here to learn how we can help you).

Vehicle Wraps: A Proven Way To Bring Attention to Your Business


This is where you ask, “is it worth the investment?” And we respond with an emphatic, “YES!” From an ROI standpoint, vehicle wraps have the lowest cost per impression.

Why Work with SpeedPro SJ?

Because we offer variety of options that are tailored to your specific needs. We take our craft seriously. And we have the perfect solution to help maximize your marketing needs.

If you’re a tradesman, we want to hear from you. Send us an email >>

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Great.BIG.Festival Signage in South Jersey

The temperature is getting cooler, the weather is  nice with no humidity, the sun is setting earlier and school is finally here.

And you know what that means? Fall festival season is here!

Festivals are a huge part of American culture. From Oktoberfest to craft fairs to farmer’s markets and everything in between, each brings in a large crowd of people into a relatively small area. And if your business sponsors a festival, it’s a great way to reach a thriving local market. All you need to do is find the right festival to sponsor and then know the best practices of having corporate signage at festivals.

How to Make Signs Effective

Since festivals are outside, the first thing your festival signage needs to be is weather-resistant. You need signs that can handle the sun, rain and wind that they’re likely to face without fading, curling or ripping. You also want signage that’s big and bold. With large full-color signs that are visually interesting, yours are sure to be attention grabbers.

What Signage Types are Best to Use

Promotional campaigns for festivals can involve any or all of these options: vehicle wraps, flags, custom banners, posters, and stickers. Leading up to the festival, SpeedPro can create high quality graphic displays that sell the event. Because organizing these features can be time consuming, SpeedPro aims to deliver in a timely manner, giving festival planners more time to focus on other details.

Some festivals use vans or trucks as ticket and company booths or to sell food, so why not take advantage of those places attendees will most likely frequent and put your corporate signage on one of the event’s vehicles.

Where to Place Signs

We’ve already mentioned some good signage placement spots, but to add to it, below are highly-trafficked areas to place your festival signs:

  • Near the entrances and exits
  • Backs of spectator seats
  • On and around the stage or performance area
  • On the sides of booths
  • On nearby roads
  • In the parking lots.

Our high quality services make any festival more exciting. By putting their trust in us, clients benefit from our dedication to creating dynamic solutions to their visual needs. Getting a quote for custom festival signs is easy, call us at 856-302-6459. Trust in SpeedPro’s Great. Big. Graphics.

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SpeedPro South Jersey: 2017 Best of Biz Winner

Great.BIG.Thank You.

SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey is excited to announce that we won South Jersey Biz’s Best of Biz award for printing!

Our dedication and commitment to growing relationships with clients and colleagues throughout South Jersey helped us win this award in both 2016 and 2017.

We thank everyone who took the time to vote for us!

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SpeedPro SJ | August Recap

WOW! August is officially half over … where did Summer go?! SpeedPro Imaging South jerseyVacations are wrapping up, school is starting and before we know it Halloween will be knocking at our door. I guess time really does fly when you are having fun, and this month at SpeedPro South Jersey … we had a lot of fun with different projects!

First up, Rent-A-Chef or you “food truck foodies” might know them as Beast of the Street. Mark and his team have been loyal clients of SpeedPro SJ since we wrapped their food truck in matte black early in 2016.(Check it out here). This time, they asked us to help produce store front signage for their Haddonfield location. If you are looking for a catered event or to have a food truck at your next customer/ employee appreciation day give them a call at (856) 354-0006 & dont forget to ask about their crab fries!

Next up, we formed a new partnership with StarLite to produce signage for their offices in Morrestown. StarLite is the leading provider of audio, video and lighting equipment. Also specializing in systems integration and live event production. Their warehouse is 53,000 sq feet! If you are in the need of a full blown concert stage or just looking to update your conference room with the latest audio & visual equipment give them a call at (856) 780-8000.

Finally, this past week we worked with MasterTech Environmental to produce motivational wall graphics for their franchise headquarters located here in Blackwood. MasterTech will work with both businesses and home owners to clean up any environmental and water damage in homes or offices. Call MasterTech directly at (609) 948-8844 to clean up even the toughest messes!

Ready to Get Noticed? Call Us at 856-302-6459 or Click Here >>


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