Vehicle advertising is an innovative approach to advertising; you are effectively creating a moving 3D billboard. Speedpro Imaging of South Jersey use only the best material on the market, which produce high quality, long-term graphics. Vehicle Wrap advertising efficiently makes the most of your advertising dollars in and out of your marketing area. The Result is direct sales.

An Arbitron, study shows that more than 95% of Americans travel in a car each week. In one calendar year vehicle advertising can generate up to 25 million impressions.

Comparative Advertising Costs – Price for 1,000 Impressions*:
– Prime time TV Spot : $20.54
– Newspaper (1/4 B&W): $11.66
– Prime time cable TV: $11.31
– Radio ( 60 sec morning drive ): $5.92
– Billboards: $1.78
– Wrapped Vehicle ad: $0.70
* Cost per 1,000 Source: Outdoor Advertising Association of America Arbitron Study.

The average mid size van cost about $2,500 for a complete wrap. With doing research, we’ve found out exactly what $2,500 would get you in different advertising methods:

– Radio time: major drive time in Philadelphia is $275, your spot will run 9 times
– Local County Magazine: One full page color ad, 50,000 copies with a 2 month shelf cost $2,500
– Newspaper: full page black & white ad a day is $774, daily circulation is 22,400, ad will run for 3 days.
– Shoppers Guide: 20,000 potential clients a month, full page color ad is $450, giving you 5 months
– Cable Network: an effective campaign to run across your retail/selling zone is $3,000 a week

Americans travel by car 2.7 trillion miles a year, each day a vehicle wrap has the potential to reach between 30,000 & 70,000 people in the Philadelphia market. Wraps typically last 5 years, in those five years your business has the chance to stand out from the next, to as many as 54 million people.
Customer Service is the condition of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. At Speedpro Imaging – we are service! With financing available we work with your budget! Please feel free to get in touch with me at, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about vehicle wraps. Again, thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.


About SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey

Speedpro Imaging South Jersey is part of a national network of premium, large format imaging studios. We cater to the discerning customer. One who demands top-notch service and quality. Speedpro Imaging specializes in taking your imagery to a new level. Speedpro is the master at taking imagery to much larger sizes, at amazing clarity…for use indoors and outdoors!
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