Vertical banners are a popular way to display at trade shows. They’re light, portable, easy to set-up and take down and they’re cost effective. Many companies enjoy their flexibility because you can redesign and reprint the banners as required to adapt to changing communications needs. But what makes a banner brilliant? Here are a few tips to ensure you have a show stopping banner display.

1. STOP! This is what you want people to do. Stop, take a second look and hopefully ask a question. How do you get them to stop? Get out of the box and create a visual difference from the rest. Think of all the images your competitors will/have used. Do you have it in you to go against the grain?

2. Less is more. Yup, once again it’s true. Get their attention with two impactful words instead of 15 bullet points they won’t get close enough to read anyways.

3. Bigger is Better. True again. Make a bigger impact by combining multiple banners BUT creative continuity is key.

4. Clarity vs Clutter. If it looks like a dog’s breakfast, the only thing you’ll attract is …um, ah, dogs. Think modern minimalist and clarify your communication objectives before going to the drawing board.

5. Finally think of all the displays at the tradeshow like a store shelf lined with cereal boxes. How are you going to get your cereal box to stand out from all the others?

Brillant banners can also play an important role at special events like meetings, sponsorships, promotions, luncheons, launches and anniversaries. Once you have them, let their brilliance shine whenever you have the opportunity!


About SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey

Speedpro Imaging South Jersey is part of a national network of premium, large format imaging studios. We cater to the discerning customer. One who demands top-notch service and quality. Speedpro Imaging specializes in taking your imagery to a new level. Speedpro is the master at taking imagery to much larger sizes, at amazing clarity…for use indoors and outdoors!
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  1. Excellent points made in this post, and as a companion piece for anyone interested I would recommend the book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” — I still refer to it on almost a weekly basis. It’s a classic, truly a must-read for any type of marketer or salesperson.

    Good luck with the site!


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