In todays era, there are many forms of advertising that will get your brand noticed by the consumer. Starbucks has recently teamed up with perezhilton.com to promote their frappachinos, the new Will Ferrell movie has teamed up with MTV to promote ” The Other Guys” during the much-anticipated season premiere of Jersey Shore. Do these marketing campaign work?

According to Oaaa.org, cable television provides consumers dozens of viewing choices, cable networks deliver considerably smaller audiences than broadcast television. For example, during the ’98 – ’99 season, the top three ranked cable networks only achieved ratings between the range of 1.8 to 1.5 during primetime. As I am sure “Jersey Shore” will bring in high ratings for MTV. The promotion of ” The Other Guys” will be limited to the direct audience of the show.

The same can be said for Starbucks using perezhilton.com. Yes Perez gets close to a million hits or more a day ( 2,500 coming from me) but again that campaign is directed towards a core audience.The recent decline in click-through rates has led to questioning of the validity of banner ads. And interestingly, recent reports by leading internet media research firms indicate that nearly 60% of all online advertising inventory goes unsold.

So how do you build brand awareness that will be an effective form of advertising to drive consumers to your product?

VISUAL ADVERTISING. No matter what your target audience is, visual advertising is the best way to get in front of their faces! With 4 major categories; Billboards, Street furniture, Transit and Alternative. How,where and when you advertises has no limits.

One would think billboards, they are easy and simple enough, but how about a wall mural on the side of a building in an area where there are more pedestrians than vehicles?


Street furniture, what really counts for advertising in the street? Bus stops,bike rakes, newsstands and racks. Great forms of advertising. If your campaign already covers the “outdoor” advertising. What is the next step? Malls. With thousands of malls across the United States. Mall advertising is used to reach shoppers with spending on their minds and for branding to them. Advertisers include national and regional accounts as well as companies whose products or services are sold within the mall.


Transit advertising; I’ve already covered how vehicle advertising is a no brainer, for those interested in making more money!!

What is Alternative? Alternative is just about anything you could imagine. New products are constantly being developed. Parking garages,movie theaters,gas stations; all included in the Alternative Advertising.

Gas stations advertising is used to reach a captive audience of drivers of all ages, genders, income levels, and races during 3-5 minute fueling process. Advertises products sold at convenience stores, supermarkets, mass merchandisers, as well as non-store products and services, such as credit cards, websites, motels, automobiles, insurance, etc. Increases store traffic and sales.

No matter what route you choose for visual adverting, SPEEDPRO IMAGING is The Premier Wide Format Imaging Company, with high impact, full color, and life-size imaging solutions. Our specialty at Speedpro Imaging is producing premium, large-format digital graphics with amazing clarity and vivid colors. We’re talking about 6-color, 1440 dpi, stunning ‘photo-precision’ graphics up to any size imaginable! Our focus is getting you noticed!!


About SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey

Speedpro Imaging South Jersey is part of a national network of premium, large format imaging studios. We cater to the discerning customer. One who demands top-notch service and quality. Speedpro Imaging specializes in taking your imagery to a new level. Speedpro is the master at taking imagery to much larger sizes, at amazing clarity…for use indoors and outdoors!
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