Vehicle Graphics: Get your vehicle working for you!

In 1993, the American sign company SuperGraphics was first to introduce vehicle graphics, wrapping a bus for Crystal Pepsi ad campaign.  While Crystal Pepsi didn’t make the splash advertisers were expecting, vehicle advertising became a signage trend that still thrives today.  The reason vehicle graphics are popular is the low cost per impression rate.  Catchy mobile advertising will get your brand noticed.

Advertisers measure the cost of an ad through Advertising Cost Chart ( vehicle wraps)CPM or cost per 1000 impressions generated by the advertising medium.  More and more, companies are looking beyond traditional media to advertise their brand, as the CPM can be too high for the response they receive.  For example, the cost of reaching 1000 viewers with a 30-sec prime time television commercial is as high as $16.65, whereas the cost of reaching 1000 people with vehicle graphics can be as low as 10 cents, a rate even lower than billboards!

The beauty of vehicle graphics is that they are working for you all the time, whether you’re parked, in rush hour traffic, on-site or at home in bed.  Vehicle graphics build brand recognition.  The next time you’re in your car, pay attention to how many brands you recognize because of their vehicle and how often the graphics cause you to consider the brand’s offerings.

 Another thing to consider about vehicle graphics is that they aren’t necessarily as expensive as you might think.  Although wrapping your entire car may seem like a pricey endeavour, simple vehicle graphics or even a magnets are a fraction of the price of an entire wrap.  Depending on what you hope to accomplish, a logo with contact information can be a successful way to get your message across.  Removable magnetic signs are also an option for companies who want to be selective about where and when they advertise.

 Ultimately, you should set measurable goals for your campaign in order to effectively build your brand.  Are you creating a call to action, building brand awareness, establishing your dominance in the industry?  Speedpro will work with you to determine the most effective strategy to accomplish your objectives while staying in line with your budget.  Call us today for your free consultation and get your vehicle working for you!

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