SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey, the source for bold window graphics, is devoted to capturing your imagination and making it a captivating work of art for all to see.

Here are just a few examples of businesses we can help:

  • Restaurants and Breweries: Americans apparently have no issues with traveling long distances to eat and drink. Let SpeedPro SJ help make your restaurant and/or brewery a go-to destination with imaginative graphic displays that will draw visitors from all over.
  • Colleges and Schools: School may be out for summer, but the learning never ends. Now’s the perfect time to add some new pizazz and flair to a facility for the recruiting/retention season that never ends. You can also use temporary window graphics to prepare to say goodbye to the class of 2018 or welcome the class of 2021.
  • Retail Shops: The fight for consumers’ dollar has never been more intense. Shoppers are trying to make their dollars stretch. Let our vivid and hypnotizing graphics help you lure customers inside to help loosen their grip on that cash.
  • Auto Dealerships: You have your convertibles front and center on display. Help accentuate those awesome deals with a graphic display that will drive car buyers into your lot.

Our graphics don’t just entice visitors. We have 2nd surface solutions (inside looking out) that will inspire your employees within the office. Examine this anecdote from a recent Daily Nation report entitled “Window treatments that help improve workers’ output”:

“Window graphics are a clever way to attract attention in an office,” says Mr. Lucas Mwangi, the managing director of Suntint Interiors. “Most businesses use window graphics on the exterior windows. This makes sense due to their properties and compatibility with natural light,” he says.

“Window graphics can easily be used to brand the wall of an office or business and they are best done on glass surfaces. Besides, window graphics stick well on the frames of aluminum and steel profiles holding the glass,” notes Mr. Mwangi.

Window graphics can also reduce the amount of light entering an office. More bang for your buck!

There is no end to the impact big, bold window graphics can make on your business.  For more information about SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey, the nation’s most trusted source for bold window graphics,please visit

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Back to School with Great.BIG.Graphics


Summer is passing swiftly by and you know what that means. In no time at all schools in South Jersey will be back in session. With classes starting also comes the beginning of football season and a variety of other sports and events.

And that means schools will be in the market for all sorts of signage, graphics and other types of branding.

Schools will need banners to advertise their schedules, records, and rosters, not to mention showing off their mascots, and not just inside the school itself but on surrounding grounds and fields where sports take place. Plenty of schools also make use of floor graphics, as well as wall graphics, both of which we can provide.

Need signage in the gym, weight room or practice facility? Every school makes use of that type of signage, just like they know that teachers will also need banners and signage for their classrooms, clubs and band rooms, not to mention libraries and cafeterias.

And what about “Welcome Back” banners and directional signage for new students or for incoming high school freshmen or middle school seventh-graders? We’ve all been there – going into a school for the first time and having no idea where anything is located. Directional signage can make life much easier not just for the students but school officials too.

Signage devoted to sponsors who may be supporting a particular team or activity, are also in high demand. Whether you need pull-up banners, wall and fence banners, etc., these are highly sought after as schools seek to thank their advertisers.


Our team can print most orders within 48 hours, and rush orders can be completed in less than 24 hours for an additional fee. Get a quote for your school banners and other projects today! Call us at 856-302-6459 or


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SpeedPro SJ is the Partner of Choice for Interior Designers.

SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey will impose a superior level of professionalism and quality to all your decorative concepts and your individual designs.

We offer access to privileges on large format printing displays and products. As a professional designer, you will get competitive prices and flexible time periods to realize your decorative projects.

Excellent quality: Our sophisticated equipment will allow you to offer superior quality products to your clients. We create the products that you designed so they will perfectly complement your decorative projects. Our products are recognized for their durability and their efficiency. Contact us and find out more about our large format printing solutions.

  • Custom made murals

  • Interior signage of all types

  • Indication signage

  • Printing on canvas

  • Specialised 3D printing

  • Made to measure service

  • Frost effects

Services for designers: Our team is available to answer any questions you may have concerning all forms of printed interior design products. Consult us for any of our numerous products; murals, printing on canvas, etc.

Custom made projects: Our excellent service will help you achieve even your most creative interior design projects.  You can entrust us with the printing of your special interior decoration projects and design. If you can imagine it, we can create it.


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Using Signs for Marketing Your Business

Signs in South Jersey

Signs have become so widespread to an extent that people hardly notice them easily anymore until when looking for one. In fact, it has reached a point where we are taking their effect on us for granted, something which has in turn helped make them even more effective.

As it stands now, most business owners are fully aware that they need a sign only that they consider them as merely a marker helping identification of the business easier. As a result, they are completely unaware of the underutilized earning potential of signage.

Any signs should clearly mark your location, help identify your premise, convey the right message to your target clients/audiences and most importantly properly communicate whatever product, service or brand you are selling or that which you represent.

An overview of the ABC’s of signage

Simply put, any of your signs should help Attract new clients, Brand the business and most importantly Create a series of impulse sales stress free.

Attracting Customers

Findings from a recent research indicate that close to 85% of all customers usually come from a 5 mile radius from the business premise. The best way to sustain your business is to maintain your customer base however, in order to grow the business, it is imperative that you increase your customer base and there is no better way to do so than with signage.

Branding the Business

When your business name is the only one which comes to mind whenever a particular product or service is needed then you have achieved “top of mind awareness. This type of awareness in business is built and requires reinforcement through repetition. Taking into consideration the 5 mile radius from where slightly 85% of your clients come from, your business sign should be designed in such a manner than it commands the attention of your customers anytime they pass. That is exactly how sign helps build top of mind awareness which overtime helps ideally brand the business.

Creation of a Series Impulse Sales

Use complementary signage and displays to direct customers to add-on purchases. A simple message of “Don’t Forget…” provides a friendly reminder for required items such as printer cables when purchasing a new printer, or an upcoming date of an event such as a holiday in the following week. Customers are more likely to make that impulse buy if the product is right in front of them and they don’t have to walk to a different area of the store.

Marketing to Your Target Clients

Different businesses have completely different business needs simply because they serve different purposes plus they also reach out to completely different customers/clients. This being the case, the best way to market yourself to your target customers through your signage is to make sure that you find out which category of business your target clients fall in.

Infrequent Needs branding sites

Businesses such as electronic stores, locksmiths, dental offices etc which offer products or services which satisfy the infrequent needs or specialized needs must achieve top of the mind awareness as it is the only guarantee that the business name will always pop up first whenever the above mentioned needs arise. For such types of businesses branding is very important since it serves to help significantly increase memory of the business in the customers’ minds.

Impulse/ Frequent Needs

Businesses such as grocery stores, video stores, restaurants, gas stations, car washes, etc. which are designed to satisfy impulse or frequent needs on the other hand need to come up with ways to reach out to people from far. Customers who approach this type of businesses usually have a small window of opportunity to make the decision to stop and buy – hence your sign should not only be eye catching but also coupled by a brief, simple message which can easily be read and understood fast

Remember, a poorly designed sign which is hard to identify, hard to read and hard to understand will only make it impossible for the business to attract customers even if the products or services on offer are superior. In order for your sign to convince impulse customers to make a stop at your business premise, it must be designed to portray the right message in a manner that is simple to recognize at the first glance.

To discuss sign options to help marketing your business, call us at 856-302-6459.

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HP Latex 365: End-to-End Sustainability—a Better Approach

speedpro imaging south jersey latex printer flyer

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2017 File Prep & Production Criteria Policy

South Jersey’s Place For Great.BIG.Graphics

SpeedPro South Jersey’s goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality graphics and customer service in a timely matter. We are continuously striving to serve our clients more efficiently and effectively.

As a result, we would like to reintroduce to you our Updated File Preparation & Production Criteria Policy.

File Preparation:

Our competitive pricing is based on receiving “print ready” files. This allows us to get files into production promptly. When we have to alter files, it takes time and delays the process.

Print ready files are defined as follows:

  • The files should be sized to order size – a file sized at 24”x36” for a 24”x36” piece
  • The files are free of crop marks / bleed – they are not needed in our process
  • Individually saved files with their own unique file name
  • Preferred file extensions:
    .pdf (outline fonts)
  • Acceptable files(Although we accept this files. If not setup correctly, a set up fee may accur):

If non print ready files are received and we need to alter the files for printing (remove crop marks, bleeds, size file, etc.) a setup fee may be charged per file.

File Upload Site:

To help us, help you we are asking all clients to use our FTP site. Using the FTP site will ensure everyone in the office will receive your files, jobs description and due date in a timely fashion.

Questions? Click here to email us or call us at 856-302-6459 >>

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Vehicle Wraps: A Game-Changing Edge Over Competition

Get the edge over your competition and stand out from the crowd with vehicle wraps from SpeedPro South Jersey.

We’re constantly searching for ways to improve the graphic solutions we offer our clients and are eager to show clients the marketing tools best-suited to elevate their marketing efforts.

And recently, we’ve noticed that nothing is outperforming cost-effective vehicle wraps from SpeedPro South Jersey.

Here are a few of the key advantages of SpeedPro vehicle wraps that are giving our clients a game-changing edge over the competition:

  • Vehicle wraps are cost-effective advertising – Vehicle wraps generate more than 2,500 impressions per dollar spent and are seen by 9 million other vehicles per year.
  • Vehicle wraps function as a powerful, traveling billboard – The average American drives over 300 miles each week, meaning your vehicle wrap possesses an incredible potential to reach and influence countless drivers in and around your community.
  • Vehicle wraps elevate the appearance of service-based businesses – Regardless of whether you’re a one-man-band or a multi-unit franchise operation, vehicle wraps provide you and/or your fleet with a clean-cut, professional appearance that enhances your reputation with current and potential customers.
  • Vehicle wraps are durable and long-lasting – Not only do vehicle wraps look good, they also preserve and protect paint and vehicle exteriors. Furthermore, vehicle wraps are easy to repair, patch up, and/or replace so your traveling billboard won’t be off the road for long!
  • Vehicle wraps can be custom-built for ANY vehicle – Bring any vehicle to us at SpeedPro and we can turn it into a powerful marketing tool for your brand. We wrap taxis, vans, trucks, boats, RV’s, trailers, buses, and everything in between!
  • Vehicle wraps are a mobile extension of your brand – Vehicle wraps aren’t just for service-based business owners. We love working with brick-and-mortar business owners seeking an opportunity to take their brand/products on the road.
  • Vehicle wraps are excellent for grand openings and announcements – Vehicle wraps are also an excellent way to spread the word on a new restaurant or business and/or showcase big changes/new announcements that your customers need to know.
  • And most importantly, vehicle wrap ROI is trackable and measurable – At SpeedPro, we work with our customers to ensure they include a custom phone number, e-mail address or landing page on their cost-effective vehicle wrap so they can track the number of leads they generate!

Are you ready to get noticed with vehicle wraps from SpeedPro South Jersey?

We are eager to consult with every client to learn about individual advertising goals and needs. The consultation also touches on the budget to ensure that the plan falls in line with projected expenses for the advertising. After laying out the entire scope of the project, SpeedPro South Jersey will present a customized plan for creating the vehicle wrap. Contact us for a quote today to begin planning a vehicle wrap.

Contact us (856) 302-6459 or to begin planning your vehicle wrap.


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What’s Been Up at SpeedPro South Jersey?!

It’s been a busy April for SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey! Our team has worked with little leagues, wineries, golf tournaments and more to produce their Great.BIG.Graphics. We designed, produced and installed 2 vehicle wraps last week alone.

And then early in the month, we spent the day Life Size Cutouts South Jersey SpeedPro Les, Kristi, Debintroducing fellow chamber members to our products at the South Jersey Business Expo in Cherry Hill! Shout out to Kristi, Les, & Deb for allowing us to create LIFE SIZE CUT OUTS of them!

It sure was a crowd pleaser 🙂  And we met over 300 business people from South Jersey throughout the day. Even with all that rain!

Thank you to all new – and old faces – that stopped at our table to chat or take a selfie with the cutout!

Each quarter we work with the South Jersey Federal Credit Union to produce their marketing campaign signage. This month, SJFCU has a special on auto loans!

We use window perf (vinyl with holes) at their 9 locations to help deliver their Awesome Auto Loan Specials! If you are looking to refinance a current auto loan in South Jersey visit the SJFCU  here for more info!

Last week we worked with Samuels & Son in Philadelphia to produce and install their Open Blue Cobia vehicle wrap. We transformed a white Ford Focus into a “sea” of light & dark blues colors. With vibrant colors like this Samuels & Son will get noticed!

Curiosity got me … what is Cobia? Well I did my research and Open Blue Cobia is one of the easiest fish to work with and prepare. It has incredible versatility and is perfect grilled, broiled, pan-seared or barbecued ….. hungry yet? Learn more about Cobia here >


And finally, we designed, produced and installed spot graphics for Glenn and! Glenn has extensive experience in the marketing world and was completely hands on with the “look & feel” he wanted to convey! Glenn is active in the Gloucester County Chamber with South Jersey SpeedPro. If you are also a member of the GCCC and would like to connect with Glenn, let me know!

Also, what a sweet deal is offering! To help celebrate their new mobile billboard, Glenn and are offering any business an instant $50 discount on your payroll processing and tax service. Just call and tell them where you saw their company car and they’ll take an extra $100 off their already low wholesale prices on certain services! can be reached at (888) 962-8488


That’s it for now!

If your company is looking to “get noticed” in South Jersey and are ready to bring your brand to life with Great.BIG.Graphics from SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey visit us at, email at or call! We are here Monday – Friday from 8:30 to 5:30.

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It’s a hole in one with Great.BIG.Golf Tournament Signs

Spotlight Sponsors, Donors and Charities with Style with Golf Tournament Signs from SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey

Great.BIG.Golf Tournament Signs are a great resource for adding professionalism to your event and also featuring important sponsors.

Tournament sponsors want to see their investment displayed on more than a T-shirt or baseball cap—they want to see their company logo on golf tournament signs all over the green and by each hole for everyone to see!

SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey’s full-color golf tournament signs will keep sponsors satisfied and also show that your organization takes its event seriously. We can produce golf tournament signs in any size and quantity, so whether your match is large or small, we’re here to help.

Hosting a Golf Tournament in South Jersey? Contact us at 856-302-6459 or email

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Window, Walls & Floors … OH MY!

The beauty of custom graphics are that they reach out and grab people’s attention. They are also the perfect way to show off a product or service to the people who visit the businesses in South Jersey.

The Center for Advanced Retail & Technology conducted a three week study with floor graphics: Products featured with floor graphics increased end-user sales by 17%! And shoppers who stopped in that product area increased 280%.

At SpeedPro Imaging South Jersey, we create window, walls and floor graphics like we create all graphics: Big. Bold. Smart. We help you to make the right choices for materials and laminates to suit your needs. There is no single solution for all surfaces and demands. Indoor carpets or smooth floor? Exterior concrete or asphalt? Short or long term? Regardless of your requirements, SpeedPro Imaging has the inventory and experience to guide you to the best solution.

Click here to schedule your free consultation or call us at 856-302-6459


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